Holidays on the island of Hvar!

Apartments on Vrboska

We would recommend a familiar, two-storied apartment, which is located in the longest island in the Adriatic, in a small, quiet fishing village. This was the fourth year when it could welcomes to all guests wishing to relax.


  • Single/ double rooms
  • Apartments with two rooms / four persons

Apartments include:

  • hall with kitchenette (two stove, sink, small fridge)
  • shower and toilet

It has a capacity of 24 persons. Booking in time allows accommodation for large groups of friends and other teams. There is a huge terrace on the floor of the house where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the harbor, the bay entrance and the mountains, which are covered by rich forest.

The distance between the house and the biggest beach of Vibroska is only 700 meters. One side of the beach is located in a sheltered bay, it has a pebble soil and it is ideal for families with children. The other side of the beach is open to the sea, it has a flat rocky soil. It ensure a different kind of swimming for the visitors.

In addition, the island has many other exciting surprises for those who intend to find out the taste and feel of the best forms of their recreation (marine boat trip, trip to Hvar, tour around the numerous small bays, and you can explore the local cuisine delicacies coupled with a variety of the world taste, etc).

Pictures about the apartments

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